EMEM ALBAN EDET was born on the 7th day of April 1977 to the family of Dr. Alban of Nung Ikono Obio in Uruan Local Government Area and Madam Queen Isong of Etinan Local Government Area, both in Akwa Ibom State.
Growing up in the oil rich city of Eket, Emem attended Aniedi International Primary School in Afaha Eket, Akwa Ibom State where he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate and proceeded to Government Secondary School, Afaha Eket. In his quest for more knowledge through tertiary education, he first attended the College of Education, Afaha Nsit, Akwa Ibom State, where he obtained an National Certificate in Education (NCE). He then proceeded to the University of Calabar for a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. He is a Fellow of the National Association of Traditional Medicine Practitioners upon successfully obtaining professional qualification from the Beijeng Institute of Traditional Medicine.
Mr. Emem Alban began his career as a Multilevel Marketer when he first came to the knowledge of the Foreign Exchange (forex trade) Industry, which ignited an unquenchable flame in him to learn and acquire the skills needed to trade in Forex. This ambition spurred him to attend seminars, on one of such occasions he met Mr Henry Liu of Currency News Trading Academy, who mentored him in FOREX trading. He was further mentored by Mr. Josh Martinez (FX Chief) and his son, Jarrd Matinez of Market Traders Institute. After which he proceeded for a stint with Mr. Christopher Terry, trading forex from 2016-2018 and has since broken boundaries in the capital market.
Emem Alban’s deep love for humanity birthed PIPMINDS INTERNATIONAL LTD as a platform to educate and mentor Nigerians on forex trading, as well as offering capital investment opportunities, providing and leading the way to achievable wealth creation for all! The company has since grown in leaps and bounds, employing hundreds of Nigerian youths and currently considering diversification and expansion to Agriculture and Property Development.
Mr Alban is a philanthropist at heart, who loves humanity, this has been the inspiration behind many of his charitable deeds in his community, as displayed in the sponsorship of sports tournaments, training programs, provision of free internet, grading of roads, to name but a few. Notable amongst all, is the monthly Nung Ikono Obio Social Entrepreneurs Business Summit which holds every first Monday at Ibom E-Library, where his kinsmen and guests are given access to seasoned speakers to guide them through their chosen career path.
In his spiritual walk, he is a committed member of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star and has served in different capacities from a tender age. He has served as a Choir Master, an Apostle, a Senior Christ Servant and is currently a Christ Ambassador.
Mr Emem Alban is happily married to Mrs Emem and the union is blessed with five lovely children.
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