I have just gone through Agba Jalingo’s latest rant with regards the operation of the newly floated Cally Air.

After digesting his rage, I chuckled at his monumental ignorance and the illogicality of his position with regards to what he claims Governor Ben Ayade told him about the operation of Cally Air.

I was torn between offering a response or scoffing at his stunted knowledge of governance.

There is no denying that Cally Air belongs to the Cross River State government. However, the management of the airline, which includes the day-to-day operations and administration- logistics and finance- are wholly outsourced to a management company, aero Contrctors based on its competence and track record.

While the airline is yet to commence operations, and even when it does, Cross River State government will, through Cally Air management team, exercise an oversight function on the operations of aero contractors to ensure that the state is not short-changed.

Beyond the cardinal motivation of growing the state’s internally generated revenue, which informed the floating of the airline, also at the heart of the government, is the need to ensure that the teeming youth unemployment is reduced.

Cally Air has zero staff for now. Even though incorporated, it has to be manned. So the state must recruit skeletally and that is why positions were not spelt out because the essential positions will be filled by Cally Air. People who are begging to survive in their 40s are finding error in this? What a shame!

Let me apologize to my principal for penning this riposte against his express directive never to react to any of Jalingo’s bile.

I promise never to waste my ink on him anymore as it has become clear that he is obdurate and impervious to sound reasoning as well as lacking moral scruples.

Else, how does one explain the unscrupulousness in turning a private conversation with the governor into an interview which he criminally and clandestinely recorded without his knowledge?

When media activism begins to assume the hue of blackmail and scapegoatism, with the gradual erosion of ethics and values, then idleness must have taken over.

In this case, it is clear to every discerning person that the devil has no doubt found Agba a veritable workshop. But the only way to exorcise this devil is a sustainable and honest means of survival, which he is finding hard to come by.


*CallyAir Recruitment, Toddling On The Wrong Footing…*

I just saw a statement from the Cross River state government asking for application for jobs into CallyAir. The statement is written on the Cross River State Government letterhead paper and signed by the Chief Press Secretary CPS, to the governor.l, Christian Ita.

Well, let me give the CPS the benefit of doubt that he is following the directive of his boss. But I won’t miss a moment in keeping tabs on the flip flops of this Ayade government. In a recent interview with CrossRiverWatch, which I personally conducted on phone with Governor Ayade after the aircrafts arrived Lagos, he said and I quote him: “Cross River State is not in the management of this aircraft. I am not the one who is going to hire the hostess or to find the load master. I took it off Cross River, strictly professional.” I also still have the audio of the full interview. Read full interview at: https://crossriverwatch.com/?p=65975

But after looking at the press statement calling for recruitment, I want to make a few observations.

Amongst other requirements, the call for application notes that, clean and fresh looks is an added advantage for applicants. And I am thinking that host/hostesses are involved.

Is the Cross River State government now involved in the management of the airline against what the governor said earlier that he is not the one that will hire hostesses for the airline?

Why is the call for application done in the State government letter head and not the company that will manage the airline or not even by a Board, constituted to manage the airline; or is the airline going to be managed according to the whims and caprices of the governor?

Applicants are also asked to send their applications to: jake.enyia@yahoo.com, the private e-mail address of the State Commissioner for Aviation, Mr. Jake Otu Enyia. This is not only scandalous, it is worthy of costing the Commissioner his job if the government were a decent government that has respect for morals and resentment for wrong doing.

Hilary Clinton and even Donald Trump’s children faced the storm in America for using their private e-mails to do government business and that is still fresh in our minds. The vulnerability of the Yahoo mail platform itself makes it unsuitable for government business and anyone unaware of these isn’t fit for public office, and to say that this is a rampant practice in the Ayade government is to say the least.

Using a personal e-mail address for this, also exposes the applicants to exploitation of all kinds by the Commissioner and his cronies. Not long ago, a 22 year old lady accused the SA to Governor Ayade on Aviation, Solomon Asolo, of luring her from Lagos to Calabar under the guise of getting her a job in CallyAir and ended up raping her and repeatedly brutalizing her physically. Read full story on CrossRiverWatch here: https://crossriverwatch.com/?p=63677
That allegation was swept under the carpet.

And here you go again, with the private mail of a Commissioner sent out as a destination for applications for jobs in a venture government says they are not involved in the management.

CallyAir is an idea that has entered with a ground swell of support from a wide section of Cross Riverians, including yours sincerely. But these sort of obvious mischief and faux pax are the mortal steps that will spell doom for this child that is toddling on a wrong foot.

Yours sincerely,
Citizen Agba Jalingo.


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